Unusual Music (7) Highland Cathedral

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This song was written in 1982. As much as the world is trying to move into a more secular direction, it is nice to still see (proposed) national anthems addressed to our God, as this anthem is and to call one’s country a cathedral.

What makes this song  unusual  is that most of us probably never witnessed the live playing of the beautiful bagpipes. (In my town we can hear them at parades and the live sound is just magnificent)

Highland Cathedral (Lyrics)

Land of our fathers, we will always be
Faithful and loyal to our own country
In times of danger, we will set you free
Lead you to glory and to victory

Hail, Caledonia, to our ancient prayer
In this Highland Cathedral, let our standards, bear
Joining, together, with one dream to share
God bless the people of this land so fair

Gone is the…

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