A Romanian migrant detained, a family in limbo


“The family was out of milk, so Valentin Balaj, a father of five, said he would dash over to the store to pick up a gallon.

Fifteen minutes passed. Then half an hour. His wife, Emma, wondered what was taking so long. The store in north Phoenix was less than a mile away.

She started to panic.

She knew federal deportation officers from Immigration and Customs Enforcement were looking for her husband, an undocumented immigrant from Romania who had sought asylum in the U.S. for religious persecution.

Years ago, he had been ordered to leave the country, but he never left, making him an immigration fugitive.

Emma dialed her husband’s cellphone. A man answered, but it was not Balaj. It was an ICE officer…………”
Read more: http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/20120824romanian-immigrant-detained-family-limbo.html#ixzz25BBzW8EV

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