It Is Possible…..

Caleb is no longer with us but his memory will remain forever in Taylorsville community and beyond. A bold young, devout Christian, born and educated in the spirit of aiding all, missionary, is buried as a hero. It is possible ….

Watch below some clips recorded yesterday at the funeral service:

Caleb, you’ll never be forgotten!!

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One comment on “It Is Possible…..

  1. My Daughter, Andreea Popan, participated at the Funeral Service. She write about this event:
    Attended one of the most beautiful funeral services ever today. A church of about 1,000 people packed…fire fighters,police officers, lifeguards, nurses, store employees, navy ‘s, grandparents, family, and many many true friends of Caleb Benfield came to support this extraordinary human being. On our way from the church to the burial site there was the longest ‘car line ‘ I have ever seen at a funeral (kinda made u feel sorry for the cars that had to pull to the side of the road) There were about 10 firetrucks and atleast a dozen police cars, and while driving for an hr and a half (he was buried where his grandparents grew up) at every intersection there was either a fire truck with 4-5 firefighters standing in front with their helmets to the side, or a police car with officers standing with their right hand on their heart. We ‘ve passed through about 5 diff counties and they were all doing the same. Not to mention the dozens and dozens of passerbys that were saluting the whole funeral car line. For 1 hr and a half!!!! And he was only 18 yrs old, what an impact he made in this life!!! Caleb’s favorite quote was “Go big or go home ” This was a big BIG way of him going HOME…He would have been so so proud!! His family is just amazing, and they have true peace that he is with God. He deserved the best and God made sure he got it……..Rest in peace Caleb, we will always love you! Till we meet again…..

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