O capcana in care pot cadea SI pastorii romani….(daca nu au cazut deja unii)

by Jack Kirkland, posted 1/28.2013 on his Facebook page

There is nothing more damaging to a person’s personal walk with the Lord than to have “preacher religion.” The following is a comment that I made on a friend’s post a few minutes ago and was asked to make a post from it. I was reluctant at first because I have many friends who are closely connected to the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries; however, I believe I would be doing a disservice if I let fear of retaliation keep me from posting what I feel. I was one of the biggest fans Jimmy ever had and attended many of his early crusades, but you will see from this post why possessing “preacher religion” can be very damaging to your soul. You that are followers of Jimmy, please don’t let anger overcome you, but think long and hard about what I have written.

“Anybody with a secret revelation that can only be explained by themselves is a false prophet of the highest order. I have not followed the teachings of Mr. Swaggart for many years now; forty years ago I would have defended him to the death. However, after his first fall from Grace he became a different person. It was not just his first or second fall two years later that caused his ultimate downfall…it was his arrogant, prideful self that brought him down and he needed something new to help maintain what was left of his failing “ministry.” There is nothing like a personal “revelation,” supposedly from God that will touch the hearts of gullible people who are looking for signs and wonders to direct their paths; they found that through Jimmy’s “close encounter with the Lord.” This “revelation” of his puts him in the same category as Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormons, and Todd Bentley.”

It is not how a person begins their walk with the Lord…it is how they finish that counts!!!

By cornelilioi Posted in Diverse

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