I fear for those who refuse to preach about hell!

Written by Jack Kirkland

“Sin must be preached against. It is here that the Law enters. We have to preach the law. We have to preach what sin is, a transgression of the law of God, to bring people to a place where their opinion regarding sin is changed. The sinner sees sin as wonderful and he cannot understand why God hates it. When we preach the law of God, and man is made to see sin as God sees sin, the opinion about sin is changed.” ~ B. H. Clendennen

How long has it been since you saw a sinner sitting in the congregation shaking under the anointing of Holy Ghost conviction?

Telling someone, “God loves you…He really does,” will never bring that kind of conviction! It takes bringing the sinner to the very brink of a burning hell, close enough to smell the brimstone, and putting the fear of God in them, to bring about such soul searching. I fear for those who refuse to preach about hell! God help them.

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