Happy 18th Birthday, My Son!!!!!!!!!!!


Daniel, You are at the Gate…….Today!

A gate that separates your young years with the rest of your life! And as you grow in age, you shall realize the importance of these years.

Are you still young enough to throw a party or old enough to invite your friends for coffee at night?

Are you young enough to tell to some girls you just like them or old enough to take them out on a date?

Are you young enough to be consider another Sunday-school teen or old enough to pastor them?

Your success in life is always in your hands. I wish you faith, strength and focus to succeed in life.

Many say that youth is wasted on the young but you have the ability to prove that wrong! On your 18th birthday, make me a promise that you will not waste what you’re got, live to the fullest and make the very best of everything. A talent alone is never enough, you need to have a thirst to master it.

I look at you and wonder what mountains you will climb, what joys you will have…..I know there will be tears and struggle as well, but my prayer is that YOU WILL GROW into the man YOU ARE MEANT TO BE!!!!!


By cornelilioi Posted in Diverse

4 comments on “Happy 18th Birthday, My Son!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Nu poate fi o bucurie mai mare ca aceea care ne-o dau copiii nostrii cand ii vedem crescand si maturizandu-se langa cuvantul lui Dumnezeu.Domnul sa ramana cu el si cu cei ce l-au crescut.Multa binecuvantare,Ilie Todea-Perth WA

  2. Dumnezeu sa il foloseasca pe Daniel in lucrare si sa ramana credincios lucrarii pentru care este chemat! Many blessings to your entire family!

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