The choice of the Bible translation you read says where you are…


Article by Jack Kirkland

Why, if a certain Bible is supposed to be the infallible Word of God, are they constantly being revised? The NIV 2011 edition is being completely revamped and will be feminine friendly…it is being called the Ladies Bible. Also, the TNIV is being discontinued…if it was so great and infallible, why all of a sudden it is no long relevant? It is all about money…not just for the publishers, but for the translators as well. For nearly 400 years everybody was on the same page when they attended church, now it’s many, many pages and all are different; all cannot possibly be inspired by God. I believe the influx of translations is the primary reason that “Pentecostals” no longer have any convictions over the sins of this world…they sin and then look for a translation that will okay it. Satan is having a field day over such nonsense. Is it any wonder Pentecostals are once again the laughing stock of the religious world…not for their holy living as in the past, but for their hypocritical lifestyle; claiming holiness, but living hellish!!!

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