Aaron Darnell

Two years ago I prayed, “Jesus, I can’t focus on both singing and my finances at the same time. If I really focus on singing I need to spend money on a keyboard and a mic. If I focus on finances I can’t spend money on anything but getting out of debt. What should I do?”

I didn’t like the answer.

I got a big, resounding, “FINANCES”.

That wasn’t what I wanted to hear. I wanted to hear, “Sing your heart out! Go sing right now! I’ve got a great gig that pays a million dollars a song just for you!” (In case you’re reading this, Jesus, I’m still waiting on that gig)

But, no. Finances. Budgeting. No fun for Aaron.

I missed vacations. I couldn’t go out with my friends. I chose to pay off debt and save an emergency fund.

It royally sucked.

Until, after a year, I…

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