Save the Princess

Fighting for our loved one will save the kingdom!!!

Aaron Darnell

I love movies.

I especially love classic, Disney cartoons. I love sharing those films with younger generations. I introduced my 2 year old nephew to “Dumbo” and now he’s hooked. Despite the lack of computer animation, the stories touch the heart and give the viewer a strong dose of faith and hope.

My absolute favorite Disney movie of all time is Sleeping Beauty. I love the story, the artwork, the music, and the adventure.

I’ve come to appreciate it even more as I’ve grown older.

I will never face a dragon. I will most likely never chop my way through a thorny forest to save a princess. I will never wear a princely cape.

But I will face insurmountable odds. I will have to rescue and protect the people I love.

Sometimes, we forget that the battle is real because its disguised as ordinary, every day life.

The dragon may…

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