One word from God will change your life forever! God desires to speak to us. The real issue is whether or not we have learned to hear Him when He speaks.

The Bible is filled with stories of people just like you and me who heard God speak to them, and their lives were changed. Remember how God spoke to Joseph through a dream, to Moses as a friend, to Balaam through a donkey, to Esther through her cousin, and to Paul through a vision?…….

These three focuses also apply to hearing the voice of God.

1 – The Foundation

The foundation of listening to God is obeying the Scriptures. …..

2 – Inside

God also speaks to us on the inside…….

3 – Outside

God also speaks to us from outside of ourselves….. 

When God spoke to me yesterday through the prophet, I immediately made sure it aligned with the three lighthouses: the Scriptures, God speaking inside, and God speaking outside. I had peace inside and the prophecy lined up with the scriptures so I can “take it to the bank!” And so can you as you follow these three simple steps to hearing His voice!

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