When I saw her for the first time she was 14 years old ….. personally we met when she was not yet 16…. and 8 months later we were married!

… even I was not yet 20.

All seemed as an adventure, and many (not to say that most) were anticipating that “love story” will be ended soon, whoever, since then have gone 34 years.

What seemed to many a failure, God turned it into a boundless blessing. The love from the first sight became forever and the fulfillment was visible in the family.

It was the best gift God could give it to me. My wife, Coca, may be is not perfect for the world around, but was and is perfect for me, becoming the reason to live and enjoy the life!

She gave herself up for the sake of the family, gave up a lot only to be best for us …….

She did this all her life and today she turns 50!

It seems stronger than ever, love for her family is not unobserved and pleasure of talking about our children is the greatest satisfaction for her.

I never dreamed of anything better and God gave me what’s the best.

I pray that God will help her continue to be what it was made to be; and because she has accepted what God has entrusted her, the rewards will be great!!!

At this beautiful time of celebration … words have not great significance …. but I want to reaffirm publicly that Coca is and always will be the only person who deserves from me: I love you!

God bless you, Coca….. Happy Birthday !!!

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