Francisco Goya: “The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters!” 

Museo del Prado - Goya - Caprichos - No. 43 - El sueño de la razon produce monstruos.jpg

In these days when innocent people die, slaughtered be the knife in the hand of barbarians, radical Islamic extremists, to make fun and make people laugh based on this topic, it means to be a maniac or mentally ill or one of their own. This is also a method of the devil, trying to sleep human consciousness and make them believe that what is happening is normal; so normal that when these extremists will come to their door, they’ll invite them for coffee or dinner, arguing that they are just … ISIS.
Shame on the authors of these videos, and shame SNL for broadcasting.
About Dakota Johnson, you remain speechless how in two weeks managed to destroy everything where she’s involved: last week with her “50 Shades of Grey”, attacking normal sexual relationships of family, honor and role of women in society and now, to mock Christians martyred, giving legitimacy to those bloodthirsty Criminals, radical Islamic extremists.

ALSO watch this: 


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