IT’S OFFICIAL!! The Lord opened the door for my sermons to start airing every week on SKY ANGEL TV to 14 Million homes beginning April 27, 2014. I’ll be coming on right before Joyce Meyer along with Dr. Charles Stanley, Rod Parsley, Michael Youseff, Joseph Prince and others!

So grateful to God and my friends at Sky Angel for the chance to share The Word to more of the world. My dear friends at Tabernacle Church of Praise in Calhoun, GA sacrificially helped make this possible. They are selfless saints! Thanks to many of you on FB and churches across the country whom I’ve met for your encouragement, prayers and support to also make this a reality.

When I was 10 years old the Lord used me to bring 22 FRIENDS to Vacation Bible School in one week in 1982 at a country church in MD. Three years later, my godmother and I shared the Gospel in Hollywood, CA with Sylvester Stallone. Then we shared with FAMOUS. In 2012, I was honored to serve as a chaplain and tapped Evangelism Chairman of Olympics outreach in London, England and was blessed to share the Gospel with the FINEST athletes in the world. For past four years, it’s been an honor on multiple times to be a religion contributor on FOX NEWS in their Capitol Hill, Dallas TX & New York City studios and now God graciously paved the way to speak weekly to a FEW more on the Dish Network.

Since childhood, I knew regardless of homeless to Hollywood everyone needs Jesus! Please pray for God’s peace and continued provision and protection as we step out “BY FAITH.” That is the name of the television show because without faith it is impossible to please God.

Please pray for boldness, clarity, humility and wisdom as we point people far from God to a personal relationship with the Living Lord. Half the episodes will be clips of me preaching across the Country and also interviewing some friends from the road.

When I left Capitol Hill “by faith” seven years ago I walked away from salary, benefits, retirement and Job security. Ironically I didn’t have a single booking when I left but God said GO and I was GONE. My friend Tony Nolan told me the day I left my job, “Frank when God guides – He provides.” The first three Sunday’s not a single church invited me to preach and you could hear crickets. However, I did my best to by pass the crickets and concentrate on Christ. My buddy, John Gray now on staff as Assoc Pastor of Lakewood Church says, “You work on your Obedience and God will bring the Audience.”

Thank you all and I cannot express enough gratitude to my wife, parents, family and many friends who were and are wind to my sails. This is God’s doing. Praise the Lord and to God be the Glory – great things He hath done. Please keep us in your prayers and you forever are in mine. Go God!

Watch Evangelist Frank Shelton preaching during the London Olympics, where he was “2012 Olympic Games International Evangelism Chairman”: 

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