Anthony Ianosel, L.C. – Legal PLEADING to NORWAY’S ROYAL PALACE on behalf of the BODNARIU family

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Norway's flag Coat of Arms

Dear Romanian Christians:

I have this last day of this year registered a request for relief with the Norway Royal Palace. This is not the first time I do this kind of pleading to heads of States in my 25+ years of helping the helpless, defeated, and legally ignorant.
I urge those of you who can „copy” or even „tweak” my pleading text, to go to the Norway Royal Court’s website [provided below] and register your own „prayer for relief”. Who knows how God Almighty could work at the heart of the Crown Prince and he can turn this human tragedy into a marvelous joy for the Bodnariu Marius and Ruth family. Here following is my pleading registered with the Royal Court of Norway:

Greetings and Peace,

This pleading for humanitarian relief, regarding the one Romanian family in Norway, currently…

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