Norway Has to Answer to the European Court of Human Rights!

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The forced adoption that can change Norwegian Barnevern for ever:  My children ask when they can meet their big brother. I cannot answer them.

Now Norway has to answer to the European Court of Human Rights.

This is the title on the front page of Dagbladet News, a popular Norwegian newspaper. This is the most critical article toward the Norwegian CPS to date.

After months of international anti-Barnevernet pressure we are starting to see some effect inside Norway. There have been TV programs as well as other isolated articles pointing to the demonstrations held in Europe, America and Australia.

But this article is different. It highlights a case against Norway brought before the European Court of Humans Rights. This is a big deal. Norway must answer before the Court if it violated article 8 of the Convention pertaining to family rights in a 2008 case where a child was…

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One comment on “Norway Has to Answer to the European Court of Human Rights!

  1. Norway is a rarity among countries in allowing adoptions without parental consent. Forced adoptions have been on the increase since 2013 when NOU 2012: 5 (Norway’s Public Reports 2012: 5) “Better protection of children’s development – the Expert-Committee’s Report on The Biological Principle in the Child Protection Services) was published. The expert committee recommended the promotion of children’s development over the biologican principle. In other word, parents were no longer needed. Children could then be adopted to “psychological parents” against the will of “biological parents”.

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