If You Are Going to Talk…

Larry James' CelebrateLove.com BLOG

Say things worth listening to. Say them in a way that leaves your partner curious about what you might say next. Keep the conversation up! Dream up a few happy words that you can use to express your own feelings of joy.

Be challenged by engaging in meaningful conversation. Talk about things that are important to your relationship. Don’t leave anything out.

Develop a relationship that creates the freedom to talk about what needs to be said, without arguments… only conversations. It’s not easy.

sweetsomethingsIt takes giving your love partner the freedom to speak what is in his or her heart. It takes knowing that what they speak about is only their opinion, they have a right to it and are responsible for it. The challenge is to be okay with that.

Whisper sweet somethings in her ear: “Your presence is a unique gift to the world, I love you!”

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