This is how America Praises The Lord!!!

“Spontaneous Worship” at a Jesus Culture/Hillsong concert in Chicago.

Same moments from another angle:

6 comments on “This is how America Praises The Lord!!!

  1. Cornel… I love the music because it’s pretty good. I went to some of the these concerts in the past, but I didn’t go there to feel the Spirit because He is not there. I went to hear the music.

    These young kids are experiencing emotion. That’s all. It’s classic crowd manipulation, same thing they do at non-christian rock concerts.

    Now if the Holy Spirit was there… there would be some major conviction going on, people would realize the crushing weight of the sin in their lives and be born again, then baptized in the Holy Spirit.

    But what I see is emotion and an exercise in the flesh… Don’t get me wrong, the music is professional and good, and I would rather see our kids go here than a non christian event, but this is not worship in Spirit and truth. It’s just emotion.

    • Chris…..i agree with you 100%. In the same time, I prefer the youngest generation to experiment the christian-music emotion than any another….emotion. In the end, the time is the perfect judge and, if from this crowd, list 10% will feel the real emotion and turn the life for Jesus, is a gain. I participated few times with my children at some kind events and I don’t regret.

      • I posted this because I read about the event tomorrow in Bucharest, Dance for…wherever. Show more a Thematic Dance, PE class and I was little frustrated. Fake and true controlling (the exercise is OK, but not associated with. ..Easter?)….list in my videos everything happens spontaneous.

  2. I don’t think we can speak for every young person that attends and whether or not the Spirit convicts them or not. There have been young people who have been convicted to the point of going into ministry at “big” events. It is not the venue (big concerts) that impede the work of the Holy Spirit, it is man’s sin. If God’s word is proclaimed, even through song, the Holy Spirit still convicts when and where it pleases Him. And God does use emotion to stir us, sometimes in a powerful message through song, other times in a powerful message through illness and death. God can work in us when we are truly broken and dependent on Him and that takes a lot of emotion.

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