How should a Christian vote… /Cum ar trebui sa voteze un Crestin…

Senior Pastor Todd Hudnall

“…Refusing to vote is contrary to the will of God.  According to the Scripture we are compelled to participate in the governmental system (Rom 13:1-7; Matt 22:21), being salt and light within it (Matt. 5:13-16). God is emphatic that complacency and apathy are totally unacceptable for a person of Biblical faith (Prov. 1:32, Amos 6:1). In the words of Edmund Burke, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” In addition, a great price has been paid to ensure our voting privilege and as a matter of conscience, every believer should register to vote, be informed on the issues and vote….”

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2 comments on “How should a Christian vote… /Cum ar trebui sa voteze un Crestin…

  1. I do not believing voting for either of the two choices that we have would be pleasing to God, they are clearly a part of the anti-christ false religious system of the last days, Muslim & Mormon, I do not believe that God would have me or any other true born again believer to vote for Satan’s agenda for the last days. I am sorry but I disagree with you, what is wrong with just simply trusting Jesus Christ with our future , he has never lied to me, he has kept every promise that he has made to me and he gave me real change in my life that i can believe in !

    • Rev.Duncan Thank you for your comment. As I still believe you have noted, article is written by Pastor Todd Hudnall (Radiant Church, Colorado Springs, CO)and I only republished without opinion pro or con. Personally, for whom it may concern, I think to boycott a vote is correct and Biblical, which I personally practiced July 29; at the referendum in Romania (with dual citizenship I can vote in Romania along with USA) to impeach the President, I preferred not to vote against my conscience.

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