All hope for America is lost

Obama Wins! Behold The Rise Of The Muslim King

“America, you are finished. Our days of being any kind of a world power are now officially at an end. We have re-elected a leader which hates Israel, hates freedom, and is against everything that God stands for. We have been judged for our national sins and been given a ruler, a dark king over us which is the just recompense of our sins.

We will now enter into a prolonged period of wars, famine, of disease, of unrequited misery.

The $16,000,000,000,000.00 debt we carry will only grow until it bursts us at the seams.

Obama now will finish his work of crippling our financial system, adding millions more to welfare and food stamps, and decimating our military.

We will continue slaughtering babies by the millions through abortion, and glorifying the abomination of homosexuality.”

By cornelilioi Posted in Diverse

One comment on “All hope for America is lost

  1. Prietene, ce crezi ca celalalt ar fi putut face, in primul rand ca era si mormon, adica are o noua Evanghelie, deci nu are adevarata Evanghelie, nu il are pe Isus Hristos cel rastignit de partea lui, cat despre promisiunile lor, da , oameni fac planuri peste planuri, dar Dumnezeu este Cel care da si vointa si infaptuirea. Nimic nu se intampla in lumea aceasta fara sa fie in controlul lui Dumnezeu, si noi trebuie sa acceptam acest lucru. Trebuie sa se implineasca Scripturile, si acesta este costul impliniri lor. Haideti ca noi sa ramanem cu inima strans legata de Dumnezeu, si Dumnezeu nu ne va lasa.

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