This declaration was stated by Turkish Prime Minister ….


….and President Obama named him:


…..moreover, he permitted to be build in America, more specific in Maryland $100 million Islamic Indoctrination & Infiltration Center!!!!!!!

On May 15, 2013, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan placed a ceremonial stone on a 15-acre construction site in Lanham, Maryland that will become the largest and most ostentatious example of Islamic architecture in the western hemisphere.



WHY, after all the staff this country has been through because of the terrorism that is simply Islam – WHY after all that, are we allowing these savages to expand their presence and their influence in our society???

(BTW… in exchange, we will be seeing a huge Church or Synagogue going up in Turkey? Not in the next thousand years…)

These Mosques are fortresses where the Muslims plot and plan the destruction of Western civilization…..and still they are granted permits and we allow them to invade our lands. WHY???

We should never have allowed this to happen, but our government seems more concerned about appeasing foreign countries (or SOME country only…) than it does about what it’s own people think. WHY???

God Bless America!!!!!

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