The Beginning…..


In November 2012 I wrote an article about my wife and my children. I started the Epilogue of article with: These are the three children born through promise and obedience when everyone condemned them to be killed…..”. 

I wrote then that Daniel, one of the children: “…pursue credentials in theology, future pastor of the church…”

( )

Time flew and in January 2014 he went to Australia and following his childhood dreams, began studying Pastoral Leadership at Hillsong International College in Sydney, place where is very involved in many activities included Leadership of the First Year Chapel. 


Returning at home in vacation in December 2014, another child from my story, Betty, organized an evening of Youth Praise and Worship at Agape Church, also inviting Danny to share the Word of God with the youths. That was possible with the support of the Pastors Peter and Bobby Lascau. 


The Worship time and the sermon (starting at 38:00 min.) can be watched here:

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