Today happens in Norway, tomorrow will be in US?


We have to break through our private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families says the professor of political science MELISSA HARRIS-PERRY at Tulane University, where she is founding director of the Anna Julia Cooper Project on Gender, Race, and Politics in the South.

Kids belong to whole communities, she insists, and once we realize this we’ll make “better investments” in government indoctrination of children.



16 comments on “Today happens in Norway, tomorrow will be in US?

  1. Some people are crazy enough to believe if they own a degree can enforce their delusions to the world. We live in a society where stupidy and paranoia should be carefuly banned from any educational institution. Children belongs to their family and world cannot be shaped according by some paranoic teachers. Civil society is in position to amend and rejects such abusive concepts while we have a precent form of abuse in Norway.

    • In Norway the children have become property of the local leader of “Barnevernet” who can decide the child’s upbringing at her own discretion. If for some reason she does not like the parents, who can be a single mother, barnevernleder can simply remove the child from the mother under the pretext of “protecting ” the child. Children become virtual slaves and the parents are forced to submit to “barnevernet” like serfs. It is a very undignified existence. In my opinion, it is stupidity. The consequences for children are very serious. They are denied personal relations and direct contact with their parents, a right which is accorded them by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, article 9. Unfortunately, legal kidnapping of children will continue as long as the Norwegian government keep doling out money to so-called fosterparents. The foster business has become an alternative to living on welfare. It is very well paid, and a lower income family will catapult themselves into the upper middle classes by acquiring a fosterchild with “special needs”. We are talking big bucks here. “Special needs” are diagnosed by Barnevernets partners in arm, the psychologists and specialist health services. Children traumatized from being abruptly separated from their parents, are hauled in to be diagnosed on the basis of info from Barnevernet. The most popular diagnosis is reactive attachment disorder. Blame the parents! is the credo of barnevernet. Basically barnevernet is a big fraud tapping taxpayers money. Social workers with no skills are secured high paying jobs in the public sector until retirement. Unfortunately “barnevernleder” is free to go on until 75 years old. That is bad news for the children she has abducted. They will not see their parents until they reach 18 years old. I have 6 years 7 months left until I can see my daughter.

  2. This just prove that an academic title has nothing to do with intelligence! Israeli kibbutz and communist countries has shown what happens to children who are raised by the state, they are destroyed. Get the politic out of children life. In Norway we have crazy “experts” like this to, they are not very well liked.

  3. the real problem is hat this ideas are already in use and authorities are steeling children from parents sicnce decads, so it is not something new, but scaringly inaf that they start to speak openly about that . OPENLY ! so tehy are stronginaf to legaly kidnap kids and depravete them all rights

  4. And in Norway children and families in great numbers suffer re to this crazy political ideology. This is communism in disguise.

    • You are right in first part, but wrong in second. I lived in communism, in Romania, for 31 years before came to the States. In communism, they had others very stupid things and wrong ideologies, but families are valuables and kids was encouraged to listen to parents and normal, biblical discipline also was encouraged to be used. I said biblical discipline and not abuses, to be sure I am not wrong interpreted.

    • le, eliodora, elisa: Bun venit pe blogul meu! Cred ca sunt cativa ani de cand nu am mai interactionat impreuna. Sa fiu sincer, tocmai din cauza dumitale nu am mai intrat pe multe bloguri, ceea ce in fond a fost un castig pentru mine.
      Avand in vedere ca scrieti din RO, va recomand sa folositi limba Romana; si daca ceea ce vreti sa spuneti se aplica si pentru cititorii de limba Engleza, garantez ca eu traduc mai bine decat Google. Asta in privinta limbii folosite…..
      Despre continut, chiar nu am inteles ce ati vrut sa spuneti….poate tot din cauza lui Google. Din acest motiv am pus mesajul in paranteza.

  5. “… tomorrow will be in US?” Although the madness may not be as thorough as in Scandinavia, I have read enough stories about similar troubles in the US to be sure that this is an international trend which must be countered in many countries, It is at least ten years since I read an article about the opinions of Hillary Clinton. She was in favour of having every family in the US visited by a social worker every 6 months. No doubt these will have considerable power and make sure “the whole village” takes care of the upbringing of the children?

  6. I am no prophet but I have an opinion. If what is happening in Norway continues and is not stopped by the Norwegians or by international pressure or a combination of the two, I do think that, as the U.S. continues to give up its sovereignty to the United Nations, this same ugly and evil system will eventually make its way to the U.S. Of course, if the pre-trib believers are correct, Christians won’t be effected. As I don’t have a position regarding the timing the way the “taking away” mentioned in Matthew 24, I believe that such a system could be in place in America in my lifetime. My chances of seeing this system for long goes down because I would be very outspoken of such a system and could possibly put myself in harms way with this kind of outspoken belief.

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