Barnevernet, a system ready to crash…

CPS will crash soon

In June 2014, Norwegian Parliamentarian  Øyvind Håbrekke said:

When we decide to take care (removing them from the family) over children in place of their family, WE MUST be able to look in their eyes and say: You will get better. TODAY WE CAN NOT!

Many horror stories supposed to be a concern because:

-we know too little about how children actually have it after the care has been taken FROM THEIR PARENTS.

-there are not figures on how many times a child must swap homes. Stability is alpha and omega, but we do not know if this migration is a rule or exception. THE NUMBERS WE HAVE ARE NOT RELEVANT! The growth of Barnevernet and migrations of children SHOWS A SYSTEM that is about TO CRASH!

-when we take the kids from their parents, we must offer a life better than before. We don’t know that’s possible, and without that, we can not operate child welfare system with a clear conscience.

-after adoption is done, we spend MILLIONS. Instead of the use that millions on children who are taken out, we can spend only half in assistance, measures and helping children to stay home, with their biological parents. While outside the home there are enormous resources, our system fail making too little when children are in their homes. And looking for THE BEST FOR THE CHILD, we need to understand that money can’t solve everything.


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