Fresh Vision for COG…

Positioning the Church of God To Fulfill Her Call

…………………………..The kind of world we live in today is drastically different from the world of our parents and grandparents. The population of today’s world has exploded to some 6.9 billion people. Those 6.9 billion people are scattered into 4,300 metropolises, 21 mega cities, towns and villages all over the planet. One out of seven people in the world go to bed hungry every night. One-third of the world is starving. Much of the rest of the world lives with emptiness and meaninglessness.

Globally the world lives under a tyranny of terror. Threats of nuclear and biological terrorism are a real and frightening possibility. The global economy has reached such a level of interdependence that a severe downturn in one country can affect economic security in another overnight. Modern business leaders are now expected to peer into the turbulent economic future and make necessary adjustments to avoid disaster for their companies. The digitalized nature of this century has created increasing expectations among people we are called upon to lead, making this unrelenting advance of communication technology both a blessing and a curse. While the Information Age has given leaders many new tools with which to lead, it has also placed heavy demands on leaders, demands previous generations of leaders never faced.

We look to many places of the world and definitely see God at work! We see Him working and moving in unprecedented ways in places like Latin America, parts of Asia, especially Indonesia and the Philippines, and parts of Africa. The epicenter of Christianity is definitely moving south into the Southern Hemisphere. However, in many countries the Church is being persecuted and is trying to survive in a hostile environment. In the developed countries, the Church finds itself increasingly marginalized and alienated from society. North America seems to be one of the few places in the world where the Church at large is not growing………………….”


“………I do not believe for a moment that God is finished with the Church of God. I do not believe for a moment that the best days of our movement are behind us. I believe the best is yet to come…….”


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