A Struggling Addict Finds Renewal Through ‘God Will Provide’ – Part II

Andy surrounded by a group of orphans in Kenya (Photo courtesy of Nadja).

God Will Provide began in a living room with five recovering addicts, or students, and two pastors in 2005.  It has   multiplied since, first establishing the men’s rehabilitation facility, followed by a women’s center, and missionary college.  Based largely on donations from local churches, fundraisers, and missionary services held by Fountain of Life Church, God Will Provide has expanded orphanages and/or churches in countries worldwide including Austria, Honduras, India, Bangladesh, Mozambique, Kenya, and Ukraine; plans for Somalia are in its early stages.  Interestingly, “every single one of these [establishments was started] by people who were ex-addicts…  Every single one of them were all students in the program at one point,” reveals Andy.

“My lifestyle [has] changed so dramatically that they’re not really expecting [me to] slip…  There are some people [who] go through the program that fall, of course.  They’re hoping I’d never be one of them and I know I’ll never be one of them…  Every time I would even get a thought [to use], I’d think of the nightmare that it was.  It was a nightmare.  Never again…  Never, never, ever, ever.”

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