JOHN 9:25 (paraphrase)

 Whether “Jesus Culture” is a sinner or not, I don’t know. One thing I do know. I was sick but now I am Healed!

It took me two days deciding to write this testimony. Not because I would have been ashamed, not because God not deserves all the glory, not because I wasn’t sure about my healing……but the fear to be misunderstood.

Since January, unbearable pain on right leg made ​​me completely different person. I did not know the cause, I did not know the diagnosis, I did not know the treatment, and all I knew was pain. I started researching online and terror seized me at the moment: maybe are blocked veins in the leg and blood circulation is compromised. I went to my family doctor and she concludes:  the pain is from the sciatic nerve. She prescribed me Percocet 10/350 mg for a month 2 per day, along with Naproxen 550 mg for a month every 6 hour. No great improvement, on the contrary pain has increased and I started taking the pills every 4 hours, including Percocet some time every 3 hours. Sleep was reduced to an hour or two per night….. I could not sit or lay down, could not sit on a chair or standing … life became a nightmare.

I tried normal massage, I tried cupping therapy, I tried massage with essential oils, I went to the sauna, and nothing helped. Already I felt inside of me no chance of recovery. I announced my close friends to pray for me, many of them Pastors; I went to the prayers meeting….unanswered prayers…..It seemed that God had closed His ears for me. I went back to the doctor because I ran out of pills and I look for remedies online again. I started looking for everything seemed relevant. I tried everything I could get: Meloxicam, Cyclobenzaprine, Neurontin…. all in vain, the pain grew worse. Actually were nights when I walked in the living room crying like a baby. Time is silenced and move forward and for me pass already six weeks of torture.

On March 10 we had tickets for Night of Ministry and Worship with Jesus Culture and Pastor Scott Thompson, concert at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix. It seems like everything is against me, the concert was moved outside, with the crowd standing. We snuck with my wife near the fence, which separates the VIP and the rest of the crowd, to have a little support. 

After a time of worship, Pastor Scott starts his testimony on the stage. At the end assistance was challenge to pray, announcing: all who have problems with their feet because of car accidents, sports or any other cause, those who have bone pain, back pain, raise your hand and all who are around them will pray. I raised my hand…..

Behind me was a group of young Koreans. They approached me, and together with my wife began to pray. Prayer has not yet ceased when from the crowd people began shouting….. Healed people start shouting and Praise to God and testifying healing.

Besides a wonderful fellowship, I still do not feel anything. I continue to pray silently but suffering in my heart.

Seems understanding my hopelessness, a young woman about 20 years old from the Korean group approached me and said: I believe that God can heal you after you leave. And she told she was healed the day after an evening of Worship and Ministry of Jesus Culture few months ago.

After 4 hours of standing I went home. I took all the pills again and tried to sleep. To my and my wife’s surprise I slept all night. Yesterday morning I got for the last time the pills. Driving the car for a few errands I realized that my foot no longer hurts. I came home and told my wife that I am healed. Has passed all day Tuesday, Wednesday and my pain went away. Now is Thursday morning, March 13, 2013 and I’ve never took the pills again.

God touched me when He wanted, where He wanted and how He wanted.

What matters to me – I am healed.

All the Praise be to God!!

2 comments on “GOD HEALED ME……YESTERDAY!!!

  1. Praise God! He still heals today, as I personally know and He does it exactly as you say: In His timing and His own way. May He be glorified through your testimony. God bless you!

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