Iubirea cu mâini rupte


În timp ce un bărbat își schimba roata la maşină, baiețelul lui de 4 ani a luat o piatră ascuţită și a început să zgârie aripa bolidului cumpărat de curând. Mânios, bărbatul a luat mânuța copilului şi a lovit-o de multe ori, uitând că are în mână o cheie. Ajuns la spital cu mâna sfărâmată, copilul și-a pierdut toate degetele. Când a deschis ochii și și-a văzut tatăl, băiețelul a întrebat cu ochii plini de durere: „Tati, îmi vor crește degetele la loc?” Bărbatul n-a putut răspunde. Cu noduri în gât și fiori în stomac, s-a întors la automobil și l-a lovit. De mai multe ori. Devastat de propriile lui fapte, stând în fata mașinii, a privit zgârieturile. Copilul scrisese:

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One comment on “Iubirea cu mâini rupte

  1. While a man was changing the tire on his car, his four-year-old son took a sharp stone and began to scratch the fender of the expensive car that was recently bought. Angry, the man took the child’s hand and hit it many times, forgetting that he had a wrench in his hand. After arriving at the hospital with a broken hand, the child had lost all his fingers. When he opened his eyes and saw his father, the boy asked with eyes full of pain, “Daddy, will my fingers grow back?”
    The man could not answer his child. His stomach in knots, he returned to the car and crashed his car several times in anger. Devastated by his actions, he went and stood in front of the car, looking at the scratches from earlier that day. His child had used the rock to carve “Daddy, I love you!”

    Today, we are no longer defined by what we are, but by what we reject. Rejecting love but choosing anger, rejecting people but choosing things, rejecting holiness and choosing sin, rejecting the church and choosing entertainment.

    We are told: Reject the poor, for we don’t feel comfortable in their presence; they demand continuously. Reject the sick, for they are contagious. Reject charity work, for it requires too much dedication and effort. Reject new ideas, for change is a scary thing.

    Then, overcome by sadness without reason and attacks of disgust, we get sickened souls. We are unable to give generously to others and our hearts close off from the world, becoming bitter. We turn to the ideology of religiously pale and dull servants of theories, and are filled with a multitude of dissatisfaction. Angry and blind, we do not see love, but instead break love’s outstretched hands!

    God’s church is often a hospital for brokenness: with bandages on hands, bleeding wounds, and filled with those who await love and their fingers to grow back. Healing does not depend on doctors, but on those who have caused the brokenness.

    “What are these wounds in your hands?” ask Zechariah. “Those with which I was wounded in the house of my friends” answers the Lord.

    When we break the hands of love, the sky becomes a ceiling. It is rigid, soli and difficult to pass. But that does not mean that beyond the ceiling, the sky ceases to exist.

    Continue to love with open hands! However, it is not guaranteed that nobody will damage your fingers!

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