Want to join the family home?


WOW!!!!! In Norway is a place to do business!!! For $ 13,780 a month (per child) plus a week of paid vacation plus others benefits….I think is very tempted and because we had experience in foster field, may we think second time for not going in Norway!

My question now is not what I do or not in the future, BUT FROM WHERE PRIVATES FOSTERS COMPANIES IN NORWAY HAD THAT AMOUNT OF FUNDS?

Employer: Family Help AS

Place: Knud Asker way 28 B 1383 Asker

Sector: Private

Number of positions: 5 

Job Title: Foster care

Industry: Children, school and teaching / Healthcare

Position/Function: Care and social work 

Over 1,000 children / adolescents in Norway are queuing in anticipation of getting a new home, because they can not live with their biological parents. Common to them all is that they need adults who are confident and caring and who can give them predictability and acceptance.

The family home is a reinforced foster homes where one parent is at home full time to look after your child / adolescent care. A family home welcomes a child or youth who have additional challenges in “baggage”. Being foster parent may be challenging but also very rewarding.

Family home, you get fully paid for being at home, guidance both in group and individually, closely following up his own consulting and relief during weekends and summer at Camp Finnskogen.

Families who have not undergone mandatory training before (PRIDE, etc) will get this from us.

You are also coworker with other family home as you hit regularly and share experiences with, and become part of “Familiehjelps” highly competent professional networks.  


Cohabiting or married couples who want to give a child or young person a new start where one has the opportunity to be at home (with full payment).

People with excess, confidence and determination.

That you have a sense of humor, willingness to learn something new and positive view of humanity.

That you have a clean record and orderly conditions.

Certainly child care / educational / social studies, but this is not a requirement.

That you live within three hours’ drive from Oslo.

Have you gone PRIDE course or have experience as a foster home before, this is an advantage but not a requirement.


NOK 500 000-550 000 per year in salary (depending on qualifications) + € 8000 per month in tax expenses.

Close supervision and monitoring, training and education.

Major professional and personal development.

The-clock emergency (always someone to call).

Side 1 weekend per month and 1 week summer vacation at Camp Finnskogen.

Curious? Please contact: Geir tel 97197491 or mail: geir@familiehjelp.no

about the employer: Family Help AS is a private business that provides child welfare services to state and municipality. Among our services are guidance at home, case management, Camp Finnskogen, emergency shelters and foster homes. We have a strong focus on focus on academic quality and best interests of children in all our work and believe we have the best people in our field. We now wish to link to us the best foster parents in Norway!

source: http://m.finn.no/job/fulltime/ad.html?finnkode=59207692&ov=m



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  1. Reblogged this on agnus dei – english + romanian blog and commented:
    The brutal truths about Norway’s Child Protection Services, Barnevernet. After they remove children from their homes for the most ridiculous and outlandish reasons, such as the mother not knowing how to make an omelet properly, Barnevernet then turns them over to private companies. Here is AN EXAMPLE of HOW CHILDREN who have been removed from their homes, are advertised on websites similar to EBAY. It is utterly unbelievable…….

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